Fresh Nursery Room Spray

Fresh Nursery Room Spray

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A gentle and subtle room spray to help freshen your nursery without causing any harm to baby. 

Feel good about the products you choose to use around your babe. 

Especially good in a room where there is a nappy bin or cloth nappies are used as it will help to mask any odours left behind. 

Simply spray in the room avoiding linen. 

Containing 100% pure Essential Oils of Eucalyptus, Lavender and Tea Tree mixed with Distilled Water.  

*** Please note that I am not a trained health professional. Please consult your doctor before use and if any issues arise while using our Essential Oils. Please do a skin test on all person/s (adults and children) before using our Essential Oils to ensure that there is no reaction. If a reaction occurs stop use immediately and contact your doctor. ***