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Brumby Sunstate

Ten Little Owls

Ten Little Owls

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Under the Australian Moonlight

Nine little dingos howl at the moon . . . Ten little owls hoot a goodnight tune.

What happens around Australia when the sun goes down? The cutest little animals come out to play, of course.

Teach your own little critter to count to ten with this beautiful board book featuring baby native animals running, hopping, swimming, eating and playing from dusk to dawn.

Play, Learn, and Discover

Immerse your family in an enriching, interactive experience that combines learning and play into one delightful package.

* Interactive Engagement: Ideal for use by families, daycares, and kindy classes. Say the lines aloud and act out the animals' actions.
* Beginner-Friendly: Large text and simple layouts help young readers easily follow along.
* Learn to Count: Master the numbers up to ten in a fun and engaging way.
* Discover Aussie Wildlife: Dive into the fascinating world of native Australian animals, their unique habitats, and behaviours.

A Perfect Keepsake

With its captivating illustrations and rich content, this book serves as a delightful keepsake. Its universal themes and charming illustrations create memories that you'll cherish long after your little ones have outgrown bedtime stories. Gift it for birthdays, holidays or special occasions and create lasting family memories centred around the joy of reading and discovery.
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