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Babybotte French Leather Girls Sandal - Size 24 only

Babybotte French Leather Girls Sandal - Size 24 only

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Craftsman quality, inner and outer leather, good support for early walkers.

In order to learn to walk correctly as well as to achieve a correct posture, a fine tuned fit is essential.  A heel stiffener that guarantees good support and the right flexibility of the sole for the mobility of the foot will help the child in their search for balance first, and subsequently allows for learning to run, jump and climb!

120 processing steps are required to obtain a pair of Babybotte shoes.  Design is a fundamental step, guaranteeing the perfect adaptation of the shoe to the physiology of the foot.

  1. A good heel stiffener to guarantee support
  2. An upper suitably high to maintain support but flexible enough to allow proper foot articulation.
  3. A high and wide forefoot for comfort, development and good mobility of the toes.

Made in France.

Please refer to sizing to ensure correct size fit for your child.

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