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Bare Self Artisan Hand Made Women's Chocolates

Bare Self Artisan Hand Made Women's Chocolates

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A little bit of luxury for mum to be, new mums and women of all ages.  Who doesn't love Chocolate!  Bare Self Artisan Chocolates are available in 5 different stages of a woman's life.  Why not spoil yourself and those you love with this beautiful range. 

These 70% dark chocolates uses the finest cacao, Vegan, Refined sugar free, 100% Natural, Hand made in Australia.  

Available in:

  • Bare Self Pregnancy Chocolate
  • Bare Self Breastfeeding Chocolate
  • Bare Self Her Chocolate Original
  • Bare Self Her Chocolate Rose Delight
  • Bare Self Her Chocolate Salted Caramel

Her Chocolate available in three flavours, Original, Rose Delight and Salted Caramel, were designed specifically to fulfil and support your body’s cycle naturally. The herbs infused in Her Chocolate are Shatavari and Licorice Root which are both hugely beneficial for women’s reproductive health.

Bare Self Pregnancy Chocolate is a little reminder that it is an important part of self care to indulge, nourish and rest. With added ingredients that are rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, fibre, potassium and folate. All of which are known to improve immune function and assist in the healthy development of your baby.

Bare Self Breastfeeding Chocolate has been designed with the herb Blessed Thistle and also with brewers yeast. These two supplements were chosen specifically for their benefits in stimulating and supporting lactation. 

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