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Cutesy Wootsy

Cutesy Wootsy Comforter Blanket

Cutesy Wootsy Comforter Blanket

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Recommended Age: Newborn - 3 years (although older children still love snuggling up on the lounge watching TV with theirs)

Overall size is 70x70cm & is ideal for in the pram, car seat or snuggling on the lounge when they're a little bit older.

Feel free to take "Cutesy Wootsy" anywhere you go. It's gentle machine wash in a wash bag & dry on the clothes line makes it easy if, who am I kidding, WHEN your little one spits up some milk or worst still the inevitable, unfortunate incident that defies gravity & gravitates to anything white, cream or of importance.

"Cutesy Wootsy" comforter features your baby's very own sweet, adorable, loving animal attached to their blanket. This allows precious comfort & company for your little one on their day trips either out in the pram or traveling in the car.

Each "Cutesy Wootsy" face has endearing, calm & loving features. Their head's are super soft, yet substantial, along with their cute, cuddly little paws which they will love to cuddle.

This comforter's material is 100% polyester which makes it incredibly soft, washable and ideal for babies. It has a unique, discreet print & its 2 layers makes it ultra soft with an extra special touch.

These precious little gems fold up nicely to sit in your baby's nursery on their chest of draws when not in use & I guarantee their presence is continuously infectious & radiates love.

I look forward to "Cutesy Wootsy" being your baby's adorable, special companion for years to come.

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