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How To Sleep Tight Through the Night

How To Sleep Tight Through the Night

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Whether it's fear of the dark or worry about the day ahead that is interfering with a good night's sleep, How to Sleep Tight through the Night offers creative solutions for soothing children's bedtime anxieties and developing healthy sleep habits. 

A collection of 30 kid-friendly tricks and techniques by sleep and dreaming expert Tzivia Gover and award-winning children's book author Lesléa Newman is complemented by the dreamy illustrations of Vivian Mineker. Including an alphabet game to slipping a wish under a pillow, the book is filled with practical prompts that are accessible to all. Using creative visualisation, mindfulness techniques, and playful, fun strategies for easing bedtime struggles and welcoming sound, restful sleep. Reccommended for ages 5 to 9

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