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Marvel Avengers Battle Cubes Battle Set Twin Pack

Marvel Avengers Battle Cubes Battle Set Twin Pack

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Battle Cubes a collectible pocket-sized battle game where you challenge opponents on a rock-paper-scissors fight like never seen before!

Battle Cubes are available in Marvel Avengers.

Step 1: Select your secret attack

2: Set your cube in battle mode

3: Slide your cube against your opponents!

Winner gets the token and the loser gets captured! Tokens are included with each pack- trade them or win by playing. Every token is a puzzle piece. There are 12 rare tokens to collect and 48 tokens to collect and play.

The Avengers display unit includes 4 assortment packs of Iron Man vs Thor, Captain America vs Black Panther, Hulk vs Black Widow and Loki vs Thanos. Each pack contains 6 tokens.

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