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Mel & Steff

Mel & Steff Handmade Dolls

Mel & Steff Handmade Dolls

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Mel & Steff rag dolls are handmade by skilled artisans, with meticulous attention to detail, right down to their cute little button noses.

Each rag doll is individually cut, sewn & stuffed. Faces are hand drawn & then embroidered with the finest of stitches. Yarn for hair is wrapped around a template, then cut & sewn, ready to be attached by hand to the doll. Outfits are cut & sewn individually. There are no factory lines at Mel & Steff.

Measuring 37cm in length they are the perfect size for a cuddle!

Therefore, our rag dolls are just like little people, some cheeky, some cute and no two are alike!

We are just like you…
We are fair skinned like you, we are warm skinned like you,
Our faces are hand embroidered to look just like you do.

Our hair is blonde, brown, red or black,
Straight or curly or all the way down to our back.
Up in a ponytail, or a high twisted bun,
Or braided, or bunched, creating my hairstyle will be so much fun!

I’m a Mel & Steff Doll, and I look like… guess who?
That’s right, you guessed it, we look just like you!

Mel & Steff was set up by a mother, for mothers.  The dream was to make it easy for women to earn a living, while meeting the demands and time constraints of motherhood.  Many years ago, as a new mother herself, our founder knew a mother’s priority is, and always should be, her children.

At Mel and Steff we create Dolls that resemble children from all walks of life, spanning across the globe, across a multitude of ethnicities.

When you buy a Mel & Steff Doll a percentage of our sales is sent to Sri Lanka to a women’s centre supporting women by teaching them skills that give them independence to support their families. All our dolls are lovingly handmade .


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