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My Best Friend Doll Collection

My Best Friend Doll Collection

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These sweet little rag dolls will become a perfect companion, available in 10 designs.

  • Eddie the Fire Fighter - Meet Eddie!  Eddie is a Firefighter! He rescues people and animals from dangerous fires.
  • Lewis the Police Officer- Meet Lewis!  Lewis is a Police Officer! He loves to help others and keep the city safe. 
  • Lizzy the Police Officer - Meet Lizzy! . Lizzy is a Police Officer! She loves to help others and keep the city safe.
  • Jill - Meet Jill!  Jill loves puppies and baking cookies! She has gorgeous light pink hair and wears a beautiful floral and pink dress.
  • Ella the Fire Fighter - Meet Ella! Ella is from the My Best Friend Dolls collection. Ella is a Firefighter! She rescues people and animals from dangerous fires.
  • Madison Medical Professional - Meet Madison! Madison is from the My Best Friends Collection.  Madison is a Medical Professional! She helps those who are sick to feel better. 
  • Astrid the Astronaut - The sky is NOT the limit for Astrid! Astrid is boldly going where no My Best Friend Doll has gone before, and is living her dream of being an Astronaut and exploring outer space and other planets. Astrid wears her hair in a ponytail and a white headband with two gold stars. She is dressed in white astronaut overalls with metallic details and a NASA-inspired logo. Astrid has silver metallic space-walking boots and a removable backpack, which can be put on her shoulders for when she goes on a Spacewalk!
  • Alexander - Meet Alexander! Alexander is a professional footballer. He plays with his teammates every day.
  • Joe - Meet Joe! Joe loves seeing his friends and skateboarding. 
  • Dottie - Dottie loves to bake and she also loves to run at the park.


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