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The Teething Egg

The Teething Egg

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The Teething Egg® a great teething product produced in the USA. It is a non toxic and BPA free product made from FDA approved TPE.

It is 100% sealed and non porous so no nasties can collect or breed in any hidden places. It is supplied with an Australian and NZ Standards approve dummy strap.

Non toxic and BPA free product made from FDA approved TPE, it provides your baby comfort during the teething stage by allowing their gums to glide across the egg.

It attaches to baby’s clothing or stroller to keep your Teething Egg at arms reach and ;away from dirty surfaces.

Unique Features
– Orthodontic Friendly
– It promotes natural development of teeth and gums
– Curved shape and texture aids in soothing your baby’s inflamed gums
– A great dummy replacement
– Dishwasher Safe
– Steriliser Safe

Place in the refrigerator or freezer to provide a cooling sensation and reduce inflammation.

Many different colours to choose from.

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